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Registration of multi state cooperative society

An application for registration includes Form1 documents. At least 50 members from each state are necessary. You are bound to involve 2 states for the registration of multi state cooperative societies(credit, housing, solar, labour, consumer, transport, fishery, multi purpose, dairy firm etc.). You can involve more than 2 states as well but each additional state require at least 50 member details. In a credit co-operative society, you can do all types of financial activities like loan, deposit, fd, rd, gold loan, automobile loan etc. In a housing co-operative society, you can do business of real estate. Likewise, in dairy co-operative society you can do milk and dairy sector business. You can download the Form1 from here. Along with the membership list, you are mandatory to provide the photo address proofs of all the members namely voter id card or driving license or passport or aadhar card or any valid government photo address proof. Please note that on each and every page of Form1 at footer, there should be signature of President/Chairman or Chief Promoter along with seal of the multi state cooperative society. The registration of the society is done from Ministry of Agriculture. The documents required are 5 sets of bye-laws along with two sets of other documents along with original bank certificate, membership list and address proofs of the members. The membership list should be separated statewise. The maximum time period for the registration process is four months. If no action is taken at a proposal for 4 months, then it is considered as deemed registration. In case a society receives an objection, a query letter is sent to the office address by courier and the Chief Executive or promoter member or any member of the society is directed to appear in the appearing at the prescribed time and day as mentioned in the letter. If the reason given in the query letter is justified by the promoter member, then the registration of the society is considered else it is rejected and the society has to refile its documents.
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